Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Conversion Rate - The Ultimate Goal

Everything we do to develop and run a successful web/mobile app is to achieve this single goal.

                      "Better Conversion Rate"

We can measure the conversion rate only after launching the product. So, most of us bring this after product development and more into marketing activities. Objective of this post is to share the approach we can take to bring conversion rate in the ideation, design and development phases of the project.

Desired actions performed by the user which helps to achieve product owner's business goal = Better Conversion Rate. 

So, achieving better Conversion Rate should drive the functional specification, technological choice, usability, product development, performance improvement, marketing, customer support and everything.

What we can do?

Bring in Project Decisions

In all project decisions (technical, design, functional and operational), bring the focus on achieving better conversion rate. Approach the decision making process as below,

"I will get better conversion if user queries are handled  and  pro-actively supported, so I'm going to build a customer support team"

"I will get better conversion if the core workflow's are more usable, so I''ll work with the usability experts and come up with a better design.."

"I will get better conversion if there is a recommendation based upon user's buying behaviour, so I'm going to develop a recommendation engines using libraries like mahout.."

"I will get better conversion if an active community is present for the product, so I’ll go for experts who can tell the digital stories and help to form a community"
"I will get better conversion if a page loads fast, so I'm going to investigate and do necessary things to resolve" 

"I will get better conversion if user discover the products easily,  so I'm going to develop a search functionality using  SOLR(or any other library)."

Now, it looks like reverse may also work.

For example,
I’m going to build the best search engine to aid the conversion

But the flaw on this approach is that best search engine may not required by the product at that point of time. A basic search may do the purpose, which can be expanded later and iteratively improved. So in a way, it encourages iterative development.

Time is crucial; Churn out important things which can aid the conversion rate.

Instill a Culture

We need to instill a culture in the team whereby everyone talks about the conversion rate .For instance, take a team where each developer do different screens/modules/workflow. Let them discuss how best possible way things can coordinate between their modules to achieve a  conversion goal

Introduce Analytics

Introduce Google analytics or any other analytics engine from the beginning of the project.  Let people understand the goals and conversion funnels from the start. We can mock-up goals similar to Google Analytics and have it as a reference for the team. Let the developer, usability expert and marketing people work keeping these goals in mind. Analysis and correct metrics is the key to improve conversion rate. Good thing is conversion rate can be improved iteratively.

It’s all the approach we take make the product successful. 

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