Sunday, January 20, 2013

Web Product Development - Start it small, Make it Big

How we approach the product development, plays a crucial role in its adoption and success. I have put some pointers here..

Minimum Viable Product

Find out the minimum viable product and start the product development.

For example, if  you want to develop a site like Yelp, then the minimum viable product would be business listing, search and review. Start detailing it and kick start the development. Other features like profile, fans, friends can be added later. Also while doing your minimum viable product, keep in mind the features that are going to come in future and make it extensible as possible

Visualize the Complete Workflow

Always visualize the complete workflow and how they are going to interact. For instance, if you  are going to design and develop an eCommerce order page, take time to understand the inventory, delivery, and support functionality. Think how all these parts would interact between each other to give a better customer experience.

Consistent across Channels

Make sure your customers get consistent experience when they interact with your application through various channels - Laptop, Tablets, TV, mobile, tablet.etc

Customer Experience is the key

Customer experience is a pretty broader sense right from designing the UI, giving them the support what they needed, understand what they expect seeing your marketing campaign. etc. Foreseeing the customer expectation and fulfilling it is the key.

Iterative Model

Product can be alliteratively developed and improved. 

Some example to understand how to think in an iterative way, 

On what level/depth I need to do this functionality/module now?. Can my design 
accommodate the additional functionality in future?.

What level of technology and time I need to allocate for scalability, security, performance .etc at this point?. Can I continuously improve this in future?.

What is required  level of  product operations and support required immediately? . .etc

Remember - Time is crucial!


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