Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Marketing Shift

We are seeing a major shift in how people find a business and engage. Advertising is no longer sufficient to drive customers to your business. We are seeing a big shift in how we market our business

Build Communities

Communities for or around your product plays a important role.

There are various ways to build a community. You can build a community around your product theme. For instance, if you are selling a walking gadget, form a community like "Joy of Walking" in social media and through other channels . Engage the audience and  talk about it. Don't pitch in your product directly and try to sell there. You can give out the coupons and through other means you can leverage this community. Forming a community directly with the name of the product is  also efficient in some cases.

Review Driven

First check the reviews and then decide. This is how people now make choices. We check Yelp, TripAdvisor, Play store .etc. for reviews. One good thing about this is if your product/business/service satisfies the customer,  you get positive reviews. So it all boils down in giving a good service (or) doing a great product. Rest of things are automatically taken care of.

Alternatively, you can also form a strategy to get positive reviews,

- Register your services engage and genuinely address the customer concerns in review sites and other relevant forums.

- You can also get the feedback from the customer who walks into the store and assure them you'll address the concerns they've raised. After that, it is very rare they go and put a negative review. It is the human factor of the business.


Content rules. Put quality contents across channels. Let it be the photos of your business (or)  video tutorial in youtube (or) exhaustive Help /FAQ section in your site (or) posts in facebook/twitter.

More Engagement

Engage more with the existing and potential customer in forums, web sites, groups and social media as much as you can.

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