Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Explore the ecosystem by working in a Startup

Best part of being a developer in a start-up is you get exposure to core processes apart from coding. Interactions you  have with people from other divisions are mutually beneficial and  in-turn do goodies for the company. To give an idea of what I'm talking about , I'm listing some of the possible interactions you can have in a web startup

With Marketing Folks 

Understand the marketing initiatives and campaigns. Get clear visibility on how and where people interact with  your site seeing the campaign.  With this input you can design your landing page and other things more efficiently and be in line with the marketing goals and expectation of a user. You can also work out on other strategies to create further interest to the user to make them stay in your site.

On other hand, give various insights to the marketing folks on how the campaign performed like the type of  users registered, their demographics, how active are they .etc. Marketing people can use this data to align their campaign and strategies.

With Customer Support Professional

Interact with the support team. Analyze the user's queries, feedback and emails. It gives great insight on the customer's reaction to your product. You can try to address that in your future releases.

Also you can guide the support team on various workflows and help them to answer some specific queries.

With Product Managers/Owners

Interact with product mangers/owners , understand their vision and product development strategy. Give insights to them about user adoption to a feature and other things so that they can take informed decisions

You can check  forum, social media, blogs and other places where people talk about your product to get various insights. You can also set up a Google alert for your product name to not to miss any information on the web about your site/product.

Again it all boils down to your interest to participate. It is perfectly fine if you are interested in only development and coding which is the core of the business.

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