Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Really inspiring Reality TV

Reality TV is quite inspiring for their creativity and ability to sell anything from cooking, mining to house renovation.  Do some of these programs have common traits to make it appealing?.  I'm explaining this with the reality TV programs which I have watched in recent times.

Pawn Stars -  It chronicles the daily activities at the World Famous Pawn Shop.         

Property Brothers - Where Identical twin brothers  help home buyers to purchase and renovate homes                                                                              

Kitchen Nightmares - In which chef Gordon Rams spend time with the failing restaurant to revive the business.                          

Some emotions are common to most of us. These programs capture this to make it appealing. We get involved independent of theme and the background of the program. I have listed down some commonalities .
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Detailing with interesting stories 

We love stories.  Detailing it with interesting stories creates a genuine interest with the audience. In PawnStars, when someone walk into the store to sell an article, we hear stories and background about that article, which creates a curiosity and interest.

Show the difference of opinion

There is a difference of opinion and people debate in these programs.  In PropertyBrothers, couples have difference of opinion on which house to choose from the given options. Audience align to someone's view point due to this difference of opinion.

Build Anticipation

Audience likes a suspense factor.  In "Pawn Stars", there is an anticipation on how much the article actually worth. In "Kitchen Nightmare", there is an anticipation on how customers would react after the renovation of the restaurant

Capture the Emotion

These programs capture the emotion and make it more dramatic as possible. In PropertyBrothers, we see the happy emotions of  the couple after they found a home of their dreams. We also see the furious emotions of employees of the failing business in programs like Kitchen Nightmares.

Certain things doesn't seem to fall on patterns. But when we relate and visualize, we can see some common traits and patterns.

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