Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The C factor!

If we receive wrapped gift, it generates a curiosity in our mind. It gives sense of mystic feel to the whole experience. Can we use this type of curiosity factor to create a genuine interest in the audience mind?. Understanding user behavior plays a role here. (  Related Post - Psychology in Product Design : http://www.juststartit.in/2013/02/psychology-in-product-management-part-1.html)

Let me give some examples to explain this.

Consider the below headlines in a news/content website.

Headline1 - Tom Cruise has Date with Laura
Headline2 - Check who's dating Tom Cruise

Naturally Headline2 triggers more interest than Headline1 and prompts us to click the article.

While writing this post,  just came across this article in Mashable -  "World Leaders Tweet Support for Iran Nuclear Deal — Except One"  ( http://mashable.com/2013/11/24/iran-nuclear-world-leaders/). This headline triggers an interest to read the article to know that person.

In another scenario, take a link inside a website

Link1   -  Get 10 % discount on purchase
Link2   -  Click and claim your discount.

Likelihood of clicking the Link2 is more .

This also applies to marketing emails where an apt subject can trigger curiosity to open and read the content. But  we  need to make sure not to use this everywhere  and make the entire product/website mystic :).

This curiosity factor plays a role predominantly in marketing and in designing the content. But we can explore this curiosity factor to use in workflow and in UI to generate interest.

As with any other technique, it all depends on the context and implementation.