Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Packaging strategies can break or make your business

How you package the offering is the most important aspect of  any business.

I explain packaging with two successful product. I follow dropbox and dropcam from their beginning stage, I use dropbox regularly. These products package things to make it more attractive though their core offering is not entirely unique.

When dropbox came, there are many products out in market to store your data to the external server and cloud. But seamless integration across devices, free plans to go and simplicity makes Dropbox, a compelling product. In case of Dropcam, many products were selling monitoring video product, but packaging things like connecting to WiFi, live streaming, cloud storage and ecosystem make it a compelling product. How you package your core service with other things matter most to make the product successful.

Packaging is not limited to digital world, it applies to all type of business. You may run a physical store, a gas station. Now, to make your business distinct from the crowd and to make it successful you need to think and work on your packaging part along with your core service.