Thursday, July 9, 2015

Are you curious about Data Sets to deliver better Analytics?

Analytics should be in your project stack similar to other parts like front end, mobile, web services, databases.

Now what curiosity has to do with Data Analytics?. I believe  a general curiosity over data set is the starting to deliver better analytics which in-turn helps to take better decisions in product management and development.

Let's take some scenario,

Scenario 1: You get data set of student information from a university since its inception.

What you can think of?.  Do you get curious and visualize various insights like -

To see how year wise performance of students vary..

To see how students joining from various demographics vary and what impact does it do with performance..

To see how to use other readily available data sets like government released dataset to get meaningful insight..

There are many possibilities. Next steps is to do data collection, transformation & Analytic on top of the processed data.

But the starting point is to get curious and think about the possibilities and new ideas.

Scenario 2:  You are are developer in a internet startup and have access to back-end datastore. Do you get curious to see,map the data and see how things going?

You can get many meaningful insights like below by just doing a simple mapping of the user actions from the available data-sets.

What is actual impact of a marketing campaign?
What is the usage pattern?. Can we able to understand costumer experience & behavior?
Do the signed up users are active?.  When they are active?
Can we compare with other dataset like Google Analytics?

Again the possibilities are more. Logically the next step is to use a right tool.

Get Curious, Do better Analytics.