Sunday, August 9, 2015

Product Management Checklist

How you execute the project, best practices you follow is crucial for overall success of the project.  I'm sharing here some pointers for a better product management. I write this more on a consumer web/mobile application perspective but it can be applied to other kind of projects as well.

Lean Startup  - Understand the Lean Startup & Lean UX principles. 
Specifically understand these things - MVP, Continuous Deployment, A/B Test, Build Measure Learn.

Take Decisions & Release Early  - Take decision fast.  Have a shorter iteration and release early.

Metrics & Forecasting  -  Maintain a simple project metrics which conveys the overall progress of the project. What I mean simple here is have a document which have only the crucial metrics which track project deliverable, user adoption .etc. You can have a metric on various levels depending on the business but have this as a separate document where everyone in the company can easily relate to  and understand. Similarly have a project forecast document. Things can change quickly but keeping this in place can avoid unnecessary deviation from the product priorities.

Single Team - Its time for the designers, front end developers,  back end developers, business analyst, marketing folks to work together in a single team.
Lines between the functions are getting blurred due to change in business models and technology.

Place for new ideas and innovation - Create a culture in your team to share new ideas, new business models and talk innovation.   

Edge Cases - Make developers think about the edge cases in a project. Imposing test cases and code review helps to achieve this.

User Journey & Workflow  -  Make your team to think in terms of  a workflow and user's journey  with your product.

Code Review -  Code Review is a must to have which can increase the overall quality of product and improve developer productivity.

Analytics as stack -  Have analytics as part of your project stack as you have front end, back end, database .etc. 

Benchmarks -  Maintain a benchmark for Performance, Security, Usability .etc from start and improve iteratively.

Refactoring & Iteration - Refactor when necessary. Particularly this is very crucial in initial phases of the project.

Quality Expectation  -  Have a quality expectation in your team. Most likely everyone adhere to it.

Automate -  Look for automating the processes wherever you can. Use CI.  Automate - builds, testing.etc

Move Fast  -  Team / Companies that move fast succeed . Take decisions, measure & move fast.

This is all I have now.  I'll add to this list if I there is anything I missed out..


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