Sunday, May 21, 2017

Project Management Musings - Context Matters

Implement your processes and decision-making aligned with the context.  Context can be the current scenario and  factors surrounding the project

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself to understand the context.

Which phase of product lifecycle are you in?.
Are you working on a product already used by many customers?
Are you a startup trying to figure out the right market fit?
How is your team comprised of and what are their Strengths and weakness?
How far does your current funding go?
What is the current market trend related to your domain and product? .etc.

Suppose you are a startup and have a potential customer.

Do you resolve major issues in the product, unblock and release your initial version and get feedback?.  (or)  Would you adhere to all processes you planned before making release?.

You need to move fast, you may need to change your processes based on the context.

Always take your decision aligning with the context!

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