Sunday, May 21, 2017

Project Management Musings - Polygot

Generally, the term polygot refers to programming and technologies where the ability of person work on multiple languages and technologies.  In the context of product and project management, it is someone possessing skills to contribute in other roles of the project apart from his/her primary responsibility and ownership

For instance,  below are the responsibilities and roles in a typical software development project.


Business Analysis, Product Management, Product Ideation, Product Development, Technical Architecture, QA


Tech Lead / Lead Developer,  QA Lead,  Business Analyst, Product Manager

The Core responsibility of a QA Lead is to plan the testing and ensure product quality is met. But if a QA Lead can contribute to Business Analysis, he/she can do the process of QA better and give a new perspective to product and business.

Similarly, a technical person can contribute to Product Management, Business Analysis and can make the technology and project deliverables close fit to business.

Depending on your product, you can combine the roles and responsibilities to get a new perspective on the product and also enable the team to do their primary role more efficiently.


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